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Dolphin Commercial Robotic Cleaners

Commercial Pool Systems are a platinum dealer for Maytronics Dolphin range of robotic Pool Cleaners. Let the Dolphin family of Commercial Pool Cleaners take care of your dirty pool.The Dolphin range is the next generation in robotic pool cleaners, taking all the hard work out of pool cleaning, while providing reliable cleaning results every time. There’s a model to suit every pool. Our demo units allow you to try before you buy, offering complete peace of mind.

Time after time operators claim the benefits of robotic cleaners. Less labour costs when compared to paying someone to physically clean the pool. Less wear and tear on filtration equipment. The ability to put the cleaner in overnight, under the pool cover, to quietly and efficiently clean all corners of the pool, with staff arriving the following day to a clean pool ready for use.

Purchasing a Dolphin Robotic cleaner from Commercial Pool Systems comes with the following benefits:

  • Try before you buy options available,
  • Rental, lease and bundling options with other products available,
  • We service what we sell with a 48hr service guarantee,
  • A free service checkup every 12 months to keep your machine in top shape, year after year, for the life of the cleaner (excludes parts)

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success stories

Gareth Cope, Aquastar Moorabbin

We chose a HG-302 Monitored chemical controller and salt system from Commercial Pool Systems. Our instructors and patrons are far happier with the consistently higher water quality, we have saved more than 70% in our chemical costs, and the remote monitoring gives us peace of mind knowing that our pool is in top shape even when we aren't on site."