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Salt Chlorination

Commercial Pool Systems can supply and install a number of different low-salinity salt chlorination systems.

The idea of salt chlorination is not new- it has been used domestically for decades. Producing chlorine from salt comes with benefits such as softer water, healing properties, and lower on-going chemical costs. There can be drawbacks of salt chlorination, such as increased corrosion and the typically slow response time of physically turning the salt into chlorine. However, we can design a package incorporating a Commercial Low-Salinity chlorinator and our Hydroguard HG-302 water quality controller (with secondary chlorine backup) and virtually all the drawbacks of commercial salt chlorination are eliminated.

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success stories

Gareth Cope, Aquastar Moorabbin

We chose a HG-302 Monitored chemical controller and salt system from Commercial Pool Systems. Our instructors and patrons are far happier with the consistently higher water quality, we have saved more than 70% in our chemical costs, and the remote monitoring gives us peace of mind knowing that our pool is in top shape even when we aren't on site."