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Our monitoring packages are designed to streamline the operation of your commercial pool. Obviously our intention is to keep your pool in top shape, by building multiple redundancies into the system. The key is knowing about minor issues before they become major problems. We can remotely monitor many parameters, and send email or SMS warnings in real time to staff if attention is required to the following:

Free Chlorine
Total or Combined Chlorine (if required)
Bromine (if required)
Water Level
Liquid Chlorine levels
Liquid Acid levels
CO2 levels
Conductivity or Salt level
Total Alkalinity
Stabilizer (Cyanuric Acid- if outdoor pool)
Pump Fault/failure
Ozone/UV fault
Filter pressure and Backwash alarm

Staff can prompted to perform routine tasks such as a simple daily manual test. Their results can then be added to our automated results, which can be pdf’d or printed off for your monthly records. No more wet or indecipherable handwritten log books! This provides indisputable evidence should a member of the public make a claim regarding your water chemistry.

This remote monitoring is available for minimal outlay, and Commercial Pool Systems has customised different types of monitoring packages to suit any pool that takes members of the public as clients. Packages are customised for the following industries:

All monitoring customers are covered by Commercial Pool Systems service guarantee. This provides customers one service call per month, and priority site visits which place them ahead of all general service work.

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