Revolutionary Automatic Chemical Monitoring and Balancing for Private Pools & Spas

The revolutionary PRIZMA® system automatically measures and balances the chlorine and pH levels in private pools and spas, preventing chemical overdosing and under-dosing and ensuring environmental and personal safety.

The PRIZMA’s state-of-the-art electro-optic technology yields accurate readings, utilizing colorimetric based test strip cassette, thus eliminating the pH affect on chlorine measurements. pH and Chlorine dosing pumps are automatically activated according to the monitored levels and balance the pool, thus preventing chemicals overdosing and underdosing, ensuring personal safety, and protecting the environment from excessive use of chemicals.

Saving expensive chemicals with up to 65% chemical usage reduction Quick & easy installation as well as seamless operation, makes the PRIZMA® an ideal system for private pools and spas. Furthermore, The PRIZMA’s cost effective operation and automatic calibration require minimized maintenance periods, reducing work load and saving unnecessary pool maintenance.

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